HV 600BC

HDPE or MDPE based compound with Anti-rodent and termite additive for Wire & Cable

These compounds are HDPE or MDPE based compund with Anti-rodent and termite additive to be customized accordingly. It is designed to target some particular and designated customer for requirement of special additive. It combines excellent physical properties with good processing. It shows excellent resistance to environmental stress craking (ESCR). Thermal oxidative degradation and weathering.


High voltage cable sheath.

IEC 60502 ST7, IEC 60840, Type ST7

BS6234 : Type HD03, TS2

DIN 57818/VDE 0818

EN 50290-2-24


Item Test method Unit Value
Specific gravity AS/NZS 1429 g/cc 0.951
Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore D 59
MFI(190℃/2.16kg) AS/NZS 1660 g/10min 0.31
Tensile strength AS/NZS 1660 kgf/㎠ 345
elongation % 950
Oven aging test (110℃,240hrs) Retention of T. S. AS/NZS 1660 % 85
Retention of E. L. % 85
ESCR ASTM D 1693 hr > 1000


It is recommended that this product can be extruded on any conventional extruder equipped with a PE/PVC, 3 stage or barrier type screw having an L/D ratio of 24 : 1 and a compression ratio of 3 : 1

C1 C2 C3 C4 Neck Head Die 비고
175 185 195 200 205 210 210


Should be stored at room temperature between 10~30。C.

To ensure health and safety, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on request


500kg Reinforced Carton Box with inner aluminum liner.