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Agreement for the collection and use of personal information

Collected personal information

Company collects the following personal information for membership enrollment, consulting, Contact Us, and service requests.

Collected information: Name, position, email address, company name, contact number, and inquiry details

Method of collecting personal information: Website(

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

Company uses the collected personal information for the following purpose.

Company uses personal information to answer customer inquiries regarding products and to provide the product information.

Period of retaining and using personal information

Company destroys personal information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using the personal information is achieved in principle. However, the following information will be retained for the specified period for the following reasons.

Retained information : Name, position, email address, organization/company name, contact number, and inquiry details

Grounds for retention : To check the information during the site operation period

Retained period : During the site operation per