HFC 6095

HFFR Polyolefin Sheathing Compound for Wire & Cable

These compounds are engineered to enhance flame retardant property with MDH based on polyolefin for sheath of power cable. It doesn’t emit toxic gases as well as halogen components and show excellent low smoke property. Also, it is designed to show well-balanced properties of flame retardant property, mechanical property and processing property etc.


IEC 60502 ST8

Power cable sheath & Insulation

Optical fiber cable sheath

BS 7655:6.1 types LTS1 & LTS3 & LTS4


Item Test method Unit Value
Specific gravity ASTM D1505 g/cc 1.30
MFI (190℃/20kg) ASTM D1238 g/10min 25.0
Tensile strength IEC 60811-1-1 kgf/㎠ 125
elongation IEC 60811-1-1 % 550
Oven aging test (100℃/168hrs) Retention of T. S. IEC 60811-1-2 % 90
Retention of E. L. IEC 60811-1-2 % 85
Smoke density ASTM E662 (non-flamming) DM 100
Corrosion test PH IEC 60754-2 pH 4.8
conductivity IEC 60754-2 ㎲/mm 3.7
Limit oxygen Index ASTM D2863 % 37.0
Halogen content IEC 60754-1 % ≤0.5
Halogen(fluorine) content % ≤0.1


It is recommended that this product can be extruded on any conventional extruder equipped with a PE/PVC, 3 stage or barrier type screw having an L/D ratio of 20~24 : 1 and a compression ratio of 1.8~3 : 1

Prior to processing, we recommend that this product is dried at 70~80 ℃ during 3 hours to remove moisture.

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 Neck Head Die
150 155 160 165 165 170 175 175


Should be stored at room temperature between 10~30。C.

Maximum storage period in dry and clean place is 6 months unopened and in original packaging.

If it has been stored in an opened condition for a long time, use it after drying for 3~4 hrs at 70~80℃. in a dehumidifying dryer.

To ensure health and safety, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on request


600kg Reinforced Carton Box with inner aluminum liner.

25kg Paper bag with inner aluminum liner.


Special compounds can be developed to meet customers specification and requirements.





UV Resistance

UV Resistance